Winter Protection

With the winter only around the corner get your car protected with our Car Valeting Winter Protection in Sussex. Protection against road salts and grit which can damage the paintwork of your car.

Our Car Valeting Winter Protection Service in Sussex will provide your vehicle with a protective sealant lasting a minimum of 6 months.

Advantages of the Winter Protection

  • A protective barrier for your paintwork and exterior plastics.
  • Repels water, road salts, grit and dirt.
  • Keeps your vehicle cleaner for longer. Dirt doesn’t stick!
  • Deep gloss coating enhancing the reflectivity of the paintwork.
  • At least 6 months protection.
  • Protected with Gtechniq products.
  • Car Valeting Winter Protection

Once complete an extra layer of Auto Finesse Finale is applied and buffed off removing finger prints and other fresh blemishes. Plus adding an extra layer of carnauba wax increasing the depth and gloss even further.

Available across Sussex Prices from £50

  • Door shuts degressed.
  • Pre-washed with snow foam to help remove service contaminants.
  • Wheels treated with a acid free/safe all surface wheel cleaner.
  • Tyres and arches cleaned.
  • Jet washed.
  • Washed using the 2 bucket method, with a lamsbwool mitt.
  • Dried using a microfibre weave cloth.
  • Tyres Dressed.
  • Exterior class polished.
  • Light vacuum of interior.
  • Dash, centre console cleaned and dressed..
  • Tar spot removed.
  • Treated with Gtechniq C2 Liquid Crystal.