Paint Correction in Bexhill

October 5, 2016
Written by
Richard Thomas

Last week I was contacted by a client in Bexhill who wanted me to carry out a Paint Correction on his VW Golf R32.

He had owned the car for 4 years and wanted the car bought back to look as new as possible.

I arrived in Bexhill early for a 2 day Paint Correction task. Temperature was good for the time of the year and was registering 10-11c in Bexhill. Which is suitable for the polish/compound to work correctly.

Products used and 17 hours.

  • ‍ValetPro Advanced Snow Foam.
  • ‍ValetPro Advanced Poseidon’s Carnauba Wash.
  • ‍AutoSmart Tardis.
  • ‍Auto Finesse Iron Out.
  • ‍Auto Finesse Imperial.
  • ‍Bilt Hamber Clay.
  • ‍Meguiars 105.
  • ‍SCHOLL Concepts S40 Anti-Swirl Polish.
  • ‍Blackfire All Service Paint Finish.
  • ‍Raceglaze Signature ’55′
  • ‍Auto Finesse Finale.