BMW M5 Ultimate Enhancement Bexhill

October 5, 2016
Written by
Richard Thomas

I was recently called by the new owner of a 2007 BMW M5 from Bexhill, East Sussex.

Some would say that this was the first and will be the last V10 engine performance saloon, thanks to the EU and the CO2 regulations.

The new owner wanted his new car bought back to how she was when new! And required an Ultimate Enhancement Detail. I obviously jumped at the chance (being a huge fan of this type of vehicle).

I arrived early in Bexhill to start the car detailing service. After the initial inspection, a few minor scratches on the bonnet. Probably caused by a watch or ring while washing the car. The car was given a prewash with ValetPro Snow Foam. Next the car was washed, decontaminated and clayed. Washed again then prepped for the single stage machine polish.

The M5 was machined polished with Meguiars Mirror Glaze 105 Ultra Cut Compound. Removing the majority of the swirls and scratches mentioned above. The car was then protected with Blackfire All Finish Paint Protection. Giving great flake pop, reflections and a wet look shine. This was then followed up with Signature ’55′ carnauba wax increasing the gloss levels.